July 11, 2020

Serenity Seniors Residence will only be offering outdoor visits for now.  You do not need to schedule a visit, however, YOU MUST check in at the main door so that we can screen you and sign you in. This is very important for contact tracing and is a requirement. Even if you are dropping something off to a resident through their patio door, you must let us know prior to doing so.

Serenity Seniors Residence is required by MSAA and the RHRA to enforce the following and we appreciate your cooperation with helping us do so:

  1. Prior to each visit, the visitor must:
  2. Pass active screening every time they are on the premises of or enter the home. They should not be allowed to visit if they do not pass the screening.
  3. Visitors do not need to attest (verbally or written) to a negative COVID-19 test to visit a resident in a designated outdoor area. The visitor will comply with the home’s IPAC protocols, including proper use of face covering/ masks and physical distancing as outlined in Directive #3 (attached to the last email)
  4. Visitors must use a face covering/mask at all times even if the visit is outdoors. Visitors are responsible for bringing their own face coverings/masks. If visitors do not bring their own face coverings/masks, they cannot visit.
  5. Education on all required protocols will be provided by the home.
  6. Any non-adherence to these rules could be the basis for discontinuation of visits.
  7. The visitor must only visit the designated outdoor area they are intending to visit and meet only the resident who has invited them.

Residents are also allowed to leave Serenity Seniors Residence for an overnight visit, but the following requirements must be met:

Retirement home residents who wish to go outside of the home (e.g., absences with friends or family, shopping, medical appointments, etc.) are permitted to do so if the following requirements are met:

  • The retirement home must NOT be currently in a COVID-19 outbreak.

o In the event that a home allows absences but enters into an outbreak, all new absences must end. Homes must establish compliance with all CMOH Directives for homes in outbreak and follow directions from the local PHU.

  • The resident must pass active screening every time they re-enter the home. If a resident does not pass screening, the home will follow existing isolation policies.
  • The resident wears a face covering/mask while outside the home and respects physical distancing. The resident is responsible for supplying a face covering/ mask while they are on absences. The home may, at its discretion, opt to supply face covering/masks for absences.
  • Education on all required protocols for short absences will be provided by the home.
  • A resident returning from an absence that includes an overnight stay must, upon return to the home, follow 14-days of enhanced precautions, including:

o Upon return, pass active screening;

o Do not receive indoor visitors during the 14 days;

o Monitor for symptoms;

o Avoid using common areas; however, if a common area cannot be avoided, the resident must use a face covering/mask;

o Limit contact with other residents;

o Do not participate in group activities; o Wash their hands often (soap and water, or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer);

o Adhere to respiratory etiquette; and,

o Follow appropriate physical distancing guidelines.

  • Residents who are following the 14-day period of enhanced precautions may leave the home for non-overnight absences (e.g., to buy groceries or other essentials). Doing so will NOT reset the 14-day time period. However, an overnight stay during the 14-day period will reset the 14-day time period.

Re-Opening Serenity Seniors Residence for Visitors —Thursday June 18, 2020

As a community, thanks to the dedication and commitment of all the residents, staff and families we have been successful in managing the COVID-19 in the Parry Sound area.  We all stepped up, gave up a lot and followed the direction of our Chief Medical Officer of Health and the Incident Command Team, led by West Parry Sound Health Centre.  Serenity Seniors Residence was among the many community partners that participate in putting into place the Directives from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Long Term Care and Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility (MSAA).

We are pleased that we are able to offer outdoor visits at Serenity Seniors Residence. There are VERY strict guidelines that we must follow, as we are not out of the woods yet. COVID-19 is still in existence in our Province.  These guidelines include:

> Visitors must have a negative test for COVID-19 within the past 14 days of scheduled visit.  To arrange a COVID test please contact your local COVID-19 assessment centre

>Scheduling of visits is required to allow for appropriate physical distancing (6 feet apart or the distance of a pool noodle) as well as staffing coverage

> In order to accommodate everyone, the number of visits per resident, per day is set by the HOME’s ability to manage the guidelines.  Please note, if the HOME is in OUTBREAK, there will be no visits by families or friends, unless they are deemed as an essential visitor (see Visitor policy document)

> One visitor per resident in an outdoor area, determined by the Home.  Please do not move furniture around as they have been placed to meet the physical distancing rules. 

>Visitors can book online by contacting Lisa at  or by calling /texting Lisa at 416-936-5990.  Please do NOT call the Serenity phone to book or cancel visits.  Time has been set aside between visits for staff to disinfect the area following each visit.

How you can help:

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in for screening, to review protocol. Please continue to use the sign in and out books.
  • Be compliant with hand hygiene and other infection control measures. Cloth masks should be worn at all times and must cover the chin and the nose.  The visitor must supply their own cloth mask.
  • Not visit other residents ; if a visitor wishes to visit more than one resident a separate visit should be scheduled
  • Identify any additional items that are being brought in for the resident as staff may have to disinfect, if appropriate

Remember, if you are showing symptoms or feeling ill, please postpone your visit.  Be vigilant in keeping you and your loved ones safe.